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The dowerless sisters

The dowerless sisters

This is the final book in the Bridges Over Time series. It is set in the 19th and early 20th centuries and is the story of two sisters who own a drapery business. This hampers their marriage prospects, and they later become guardians to their great-niece. Part 6/6, previous part The cherished wives.

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Information om boken

Författare Anand, Valerie.
Inläsare Corre Corrine
Språk eng
Speltid 18 h 23 min
Utgivningsuppgifter Royal National Institute for the Blind.
Fysisk beskrivning talking book Daisy 2.02 (18 h 23 min)
Anmärkningar Bridges over time.
Originalverk Headline 1995.
Ämnesord historialliset romaanit historiska romaner underhållningslitteratur viihdekirjallisuus