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The cherished wives

The cherished wives

George Whitmead, East India merchant, wants a dutiful wife. At first his cousin Lucy-Anne Brown conforms to his wish, but, when he returns to India, his mother's death leaves Lucy-Anne to manage the family estate alone and this changes her. Her husband's visits home are short and stormy and she is no longer biddable. Part 5/6, previous part The faithful lovers.

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Information om boken

Författare Anand, Valerie.
Inläsare White Anne
Språk eng
Speltid 19 h 5 min
Utgivningsuppgifter Royal National Institute for the Blind.
Fysisk beskrivning talking book Daisy 2.02 (19 h 5 min)
Anmärkningar Bridges over time.
Originalverk Headline 1994.
Ämnesord historialliset romaanit historiska romaner underhållningslitteratur viihdekirjallisuus