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Fire storm

Fire storm

Teenage eventing star Casey Blue has it all - fame, her champion horse Storm, and a boyfriend who loves her. Then Kyle West walks into her life. The country's hottest equestrian coach is also drop dead gorgeous and Casey knows right away that she's in trouble. But who is Kyle and why are there so many unanswered questions about his past? And what is his connection to Anna Sparks, Casey's old rival? As the Burghley Horse Trials approaches, it becomes clear that what is at stake is not just the Grand Slam but Casey's life. Part 3/3.

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Tekijä St. John, Lauren, kirjoittaja.
Lukija Carter, Emma
Julkaisukieli eng
Kesto 6 h 56 min
Julkaisutiedot Royal National Institute for the Blind.
Ulkoasu äänikirja Daisy 2.02 (6 h 56 min)
Julkaisutiedot London, Orion Children's Books 2014. 978-1-4440-0271-3 .
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