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The decision

The decision

Set against a vibrant sixties backdrop, this is the story of Eliza and Matt. Their story begins with a love affair, closely followed by a marriage, followed by a baby. But whilst their relationship is at first fuelled by passion, it's not of the enduring kind, and soon what started out with such promise descends into a harrowing divorce case and an epic custody battle. With everything at stake for both Eliza and Matt, and neither party willing to give up their little girl without a fight, it's high drama in the courts.

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Tekijä Vincenzi, Penny.
Lukija Lamede, Jill
Julkaisukieli eng
Kesto 36 h 28 min
Julkaisutiedot Royal National Institute for the Blind.
Ulkoasu talking book Daisy 2.02 (36 h 28 min)
Julkaisutiedot Headline Review 2011.
Asiasanat familjer ihmisuhteet rakkaussuhde mänskliga relationer kärleksförhållande perheet