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The hidden landscape : a journey into the geological past

The hidden landscape : a journey into the geological past

Richard Fortey peels away the top layer of the land to reveal the hidden landscape - the rocks which contain the story of distant events, which dictate not only the personality of the landscape, but the nature of the soil, the plants that grow in it and the regional characteristics of the buildings. We travel with him as our guide throughout the British Isles and as the rocks change so we learn to read the clues they contain: that Britain was once divided into two parts separated by an ocean and that Scottish malt whisky, Harris tweed, slate roofs and thatched cottages can all be traced back to tumultuous events which took place many millions of years ago.

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Tekijä Fortey, Richard A.
Lukija Courtenay, Chris
Julkaisukieli eng
Kesto 14 h 42 min
Julkaisutiedot Royal National Institute for the Blind.
Ulkoasu talking book Daisy 2.02 (14 h 42 min)
Julkaisutiedot Bodley Head 2010.
Asiasanat geografi geologi historisk geologi Brittiska öarna maantiede geologia historiallinen geologia Brittein saaret