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To rise again at a decent hour

To rise again at a decent hour

Paul O'Rourke, 40-year-old slightly curmudgeonly dentist, runs a thriving practice in New York. Yet he is discovering he needs more in his life than a steady income and the perfect mochaccino. But what? As Paul tries to work out the meaning of life, a Facebook page and Twitter account appear in his name. What's at first an outrageous violation of privacy soon becomes something more frightening: the possibility that the online 'Paul' might be a better version of the man in the flesh. Who is doing this and will it cost Paul his sanity?.

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TekijäFerris, Joshua.
LukijaFitzPatrick, Michael
Kesto11 h 22 min
JulkaisutiedotRoyal National Institute for the Blind.
Ulkoasutalking book Daisy 2.02 (11 h 22 min)
Asiasanat humorhuumorisociala mediersosiaalinen mediastordtäder New Yorksuurkaupungit New Yorkunderhållningslitteraturviihdekirjallisuus
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