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Books for Learning

Accessibility Library Celia offers textbooks to ease studies when reading is difficult.

Celia offers a wide variety of textbooks in accessible format, including:

  • talking textbooks that can be borrowed and listened to free of charge on Celianet and the Pratsam Reader app
  • Braille and Luetus books that visually impaired students can use in their studies
  • DaisyTrio books with synchronised text and audio that are made for print-disabled people in vocational training and higher education.

Two people are sitting together at a table. There is a computer, notebooks, and pens on the table. A third person is sitting at a table alone in the foreground of the picture.

How to use Celia’s textbooks

1. Celia’s books are free of charge. You only need a personal login and password to use Celia’s talking book service.

2. Find the textbook you need in Celia’s collection.
Instructions for finding and borrowing textbooks (in Finnish).

3. If you cannot find a textbook, you can make an acquisition request for Celia’s collection.

Also read the principles for publishing learning materials (in Finnish).

Production Decisions

You can find production decisions regarding comprehensive school and general upper secondary school on the Production Decisions page (in Finnish). Production decisions on Swedish-language textbooks can be found on the Produktionsbeslut page.

You can look at accessible books that were a part of the 2016 comprehensive and upper secondary school curriculums here (in Finnish). The page has not been updated since 2017, but new books from the same series can be found on Celianet.

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