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Training events and webinars

Training events and webinars hosted by Accessibility Library Celia for private and institutional customers.

Our newest videos are subtitled in Finnish and Swedish. On Celia’s YouTube channel, our latest videos can also be viewed with subtitles in other languages, including English: On the bottom right of the YouTube video player, click Settings (gear icon) – Subtitles/CC – Auto-translate – Choose language.

A person is sitting at a table with headphones on with a computer in front of them. Photo Accessibility Library Celia.


On-demand training for libraries

We offer public and university libraries support for providing instruction on Celia services. When organising internal training, you can request training accounts for Celianet and the Pratsam Reader app at

You can also request training from Celia! Training events typically take the form of a 1-to-2-hour remote training session over Teams.

Suggest a suitable time and send enquiries to (public libraries) or (university libraries).

Training events and webinars for schools

Training for teachers: Accessibility Library Celia in a nutshell (2023)

We present Celia services and materials to schools. We also explain how institutions can start using Celia services.

Supporting reading with multichannel content (2023)

In this webinar, we explain how multichannel content can support the reading of children and young people who find reading difficult for one reason or another. We introduce you to Celia’s DaisyTrio synchronised text and audio books that offer a simultaneous visual and auditory experience.

Introduction to DaisyTrio books and finding them on Celianet (2023)

DaisyTrio books are electronic books with synchronised text and audio that can be read with both your eyes and ears. DaisyTrio books can be read using a computer, phone or tablet, and are useful for improving reading skills. Welcome to the world of DaisyTrio!