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Higher Education

Accessibility Library Celia offers accessible textbooks for higher education and open university.

The student must study at a Finnish educational establishment. Celia does not produce books for students doing a foreign course or part of one.

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Searching for a coursebook and making a request

Search for an accessible book on Celianet by using the printed version’s ISBN. The ISBN identifies the book you need and helps you find the right version.

All books for higher education are found under Celianet’s category Higher education.

If you cannot find a coursebook, make an acquisition request

University students – or a representative of the school acting on behalf of a student – may submit acquisition requests for compulsory coursebooks and books used as sources for their theses if the book cannot be found in Celia’s selection.

Acquisition requests can be submitted all year round. Production time for a coursebook is three months.

Go to the acquisition request. 

Please note that the following are not produced for studies in higher education:

  • books that can be found in e-book format and are accessible using a listening or reading aid
  • coursebooks made into talking books read by a human voice
  • supplementary reading lists (books recommended by the course leader that are not coursebooks)
  • articles, hand-outs, or book excerpts
  • legislative codes (Acts in the FINLEX database )
  • dictionaries, except in exceptional circumstances.

Accessible coursebook

As a rule, coursebooks produced on the basis of students’ acquisition requests are made into DaisyTrio books, which are read by a synthetic voice. A DaisyTrio book can be listened to and read on a computer, tablet or smartphone screen at the same time.

In some cases, Luetus or e-books can be produced for students with visual impairments.

You can find all of Accessability Library Celia’s university books in Celianet’s category Higher education.

Accessibility of various e-book services

University libraries offer a wide range of e-books that are available to students free of charge. Many e-books are accessible, or their accessibility functions are constantly being developed. E-books can be listened to, for example, with various programs and functions on your own devices.

Here you can find more tips on different listening and reading aids.

Foreign services: accessible coursebooks in English, Swedish and other languages

Coursebooks in accessible formats in English, Swedish and other languages can be found in the following foreign services: