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Celia brochures and materials


Accessibility Library Celia brochures

Accessibility Library Celia provides libraries, schools and other partners with brochures to offer customers. Any brochures or other products you order are dispatched free of charge within approximately one week of ordering. The brochures can also be read and saved in PDF form. Brochures are available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Logo and images

If you have any questions, please contact Celia communications at

Materials for social media, websites and info screens

Materials are available in Finnish, Swedish and English:

Short videos for places like websites and social media are available on YouTube:

Materials and videos may be freely distributed in different channels.

Use of text content and cover images from Celianet’s collection

  • Content related to Celianet materials, such as book summaries and other similar text content, the length of talking books and reader data, may be copied and included in the cases of Celia’s CD talking books and in other places providing information about Celia materials.
  • Celianet images of book covers may not be copied and used in CD cases or other places. In the event a library has independently acquired the right to use images to present their materials, such images may also be used to present Celia materials.

Subscribe to our newsletters

Subscribe to our newsletters! Our newsletters provide up-to-date information about Celia services and books in Finnish and Swedish. We publish newsletters about Celia’s available fiction and non-fiction books and for people interested in Celia’s textbooks.

You can also order Celia’s monthly list of new items, which is delivered by email. The list includes all new audio, braille and e-books added to Celia’s collections over the past month.

Feedback on materials

We welcome feedback and suggestions on brochures, guides and other supporting materials to ensure they meet the needs of our service partners as well as possible.
Please send feedback to