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Information about Accessibility Library Celia for guardians

Accessibility Library Celia’s books are available to everyone who experiences reading difficulties. Celia’s books make it easier to read smoothly.

Celia provides your child with textbooks and fiction books they can listen to. Celia also offers books that can be read and listened to at the same time.

Celia books can be accessed using a phone, tablet or computer. The easiest way to use books is the Pratsam Reader app for mobile devices. Users can also listen to Celia books at

Help your child find interesting books with Celia.


Celia’s terms of use

Under law, Celia’s services are only available to people with print disabilities. Print disabilities include learning difficulties, visual impairment and mental health conditions, for example.

Celia books are only available to people who are registered as Celia customers. Children and young people who need support reading can use Celia books together with an adult.

Celia must be notified of changes to the customer’s contact information.

Customer accounts that have not been used by the customer in two years are closed automatically.

Terms of use for private customers of Accessibility Library Celia.

Get a Celia account through your school or library

Your child needs an account in order to use Celia books. School teachers can create Celia accounts for their students. Before creating an account for a student, a teacher requires the consent of the child’s guardian. You can give your consent through communication channels like Wilma.

In addition to your consent, the teacher will also need your child’s personal identity code and address.

You can also create a Celia account through a library. Libraries also provide instruction on how to use Celia.

When a Celia account is set up for a student, the username and password is sent to the email address provided in their contact information. The username and password can be sent to the teacher’s, guardian’s or student’s email address. We recommend discussing with the teacher which email address to send the username and password to.

Start borrowing and listening to Celia books:

  1. Your Celianet and Pratsam Reader username and passwords will be sent to your email address. Both services use the same username but have separate passwords.
  2.  Log in at using the username and password sent to your email address.
  3. In your personal settings on Celianet, change both your Celianet and Pratsam Reader passwords. Tip: You can use the same password for both services.
  4.  Download the free Pratsam Reader app from Google Play or App Store. Log in to the app using your login details.
  5. If you experience any problems logging in, please ask for help in Accessibility Library Celianet’s chat. Chat is open weekdays 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  6. Try out borrowing and listening to books on Celianet and Pratsam Reader together!

How do I read Celia books?

Reading is extremely important. In addition to reading at school, we also recommend reading at home, even if it feels difficult for your child.

We recommend DaisyTrio books for children and young people because they help develop reading skills. DaisyTrio books can be both read and listened to simultaneously, which makes the reading process easier.

How to find DaisyTrio books on Celianet:

  1. Log in to Celianet.
  2. You can search for books on the homepage. The search field is located under the Search Books heading.
  3. Under the search field, you will find various clickable categories.
    Click on Children if you want to look for children’s DaisyTrio books.
  4. You can filter your search to only include children’s DaisyTrio books. Click the purple Filter Search button.
  5. Next to Material Type, you will find a dropdown menu. In the menu, select DaisyTrio and press the purple Filter button. This will give you a list of DaisyTrio books you can browse and borrow.
  6. Select your desired borrowing method.
    If you want to listen to the book in the Pratsam Reader app, click the green Borrow button under Listen in App.
    To listen to the book in your browser, press the green Borrow button under Listen in Browser.
  7. After you hit Borrow, it will take a moment for the book to be prepared. Based on your chosen option, the book will become available for listening in either your browser or the app.

Celianet offers new book recommendations.

Books can also be easily found in different categories.

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