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Comprehensive School

Information about Accessibility Library Celia’s comprehensive school textbooks and support for learning for a variety of needs.

Comprehensive school learning materials are not available in English. The page offers more information about the types of learning materials that are available in Finnish and Swedish.

You can search for books using the categories on Celianet’s front page. You can also search by book title or ISBN on Celianet. The ISBN identifies the book you need and helps you find the right version.

An adult and two children at a table. One child is reading a Braille book, the others are watching. On the table are tactile books and school supplies. Picture of Accessibility Library Celia.


Learning materials for students with visual impairments

For students with visual impairments, Accessibility Library Celia mainly offers Braille textbooks and Luetus books , which are read on a computer. Available in Finnish and Swedish.

If a Luetus book has an attachment with tactile graphics, you can find it on Celianet by searching by the book’s title. Celia and Valteri have collaborated to produce the following learning materials:

Celia also has DaisyTrio textbooks (in Finnish) and some talking textbooks (in Finnish and Swedish). You can search for books by title or ISBN on Celianet’s Finnish or Swedish pages.

To support reading and studying, there is also fiction and non-fiction for children and young people in various different formats: talking books, DaisyTrio books with synchronised text and audio, e-books , tactile books, and Luen itse (“I can read”) books. The books are available in Finnish and Swedish, and there is also a small selection in English.

For collaborative learning

Celia offers many ways to help classmates work together with a visually impaired student. For example:

o LEGO Braille bricks (Finnish and Swedish)
o Murra koodi ja tutustu pistekirjoitukseen (“crack the code and acquaint yourself with Braille”) guide  (in Finnish).

For Learning Braille

The AKL materials for learning Braille are suitable for all ages. The materials are available in Finnish on Celianet.

Other books for learning Braille can be found in the Finnish publications of the Braille Advisory Board (pistekirjoituksen neuvottelukunta).

Books for students with other reading difficulties

Celia has DaisyTrio textbooks with synchronised text and audio and some talking textbooks for students with reading difficulties. To make sure you find the right textbook, search by book title or ISBN. Available in Finnish and Swedish.

Celia’s has a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction for children and young people in various formats. Talking books and DaisyTrio books which are also available in easy language, can make reading and studying easier. The books are available in Finnish and Swedish, and there is also a small selection in English.

Reading tips for children and young people (books in Finnish and in Swedish).

Books for students with intensive special education needs

For students who follow an individual learning plan, Celia offers tactile books, which are picture books you can feel with your fingers.  Tactile books are available in Finnish, Swedish and English. Tactile books have the text written in Braille. The subjects of the books are well-known fairy tales, exciting adventures and everyday situations. There are also tactile activity books and tactile non-fiction books.

Start borrowing tactile books. Other books can be found in talking book format or as easy-to-read DaisyTrio books.

Didn’t find the right textbook? Make an acquisition request

Check the Production decisions page to see if the textbook you need is already in production.

If the book is not yet in production, you can suggest a new textbook in Finnish and in Swedish.