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Making acquisition requests


Suggest a fiction or non-fiction book

You can suggest a fiction or non-fiction book missing from Celia’s collection by sending an email to

Find out on what grounds fiction and non-fiction books are selected for Celia’s collection. (in Finnish and Swedish)

You can follow new publications on Celianet. (in Finnish and Swedish)

Suggest a textbook, coursebook or entrance examination book

Before you make an acquisition request, please note the following:

  1. Make an acquisition request only for learning material that is not available as a book in Celia’s selection. Check the availability of the book on Celianet. If the book is available, log in to see if the book is available for loan or reservation.
  2. If you cannot find a comprehensive school or upper secondary schoolbook on Celianet, check the Production decisions page (in Finnish and Swedish) to see if the book can be found there. If you cannot find a coursebook, make an acquisition request.
  3. Please note that Celia does not produce books that can be found in e-book format and are accessible using a listening or reading aid.
  4. Celia also does not produce supplementary reading lists (books recommended by the course leader that are not coursebooks), articles, lecture hand-outs or book excerpts, legislative codes (Acts in the FINLEX database) or dictionaries, except in exceptional situations.
  5. Coursebooks are not made into talking books read by a human voice.
  6. Read more about restrictions and other information concerning textbooks, coursebooks, and entrance examination books. (in Finnish and Swedish)
  7. The person who makes a suggestion will not be separately informed about production decisions. The information can be found in Celianet’s selection and, in the case of comprehensive and upper secondary schoolbooks, in production decisions.
  8. An incomplete acquisition request form will not be processed.

Comprehensive school textbooks

Comprehensive school learning materials are not available in English. There are acquisition periods for Finnish and Swedish comprehensive school textbooks. Acquisition requests for the following term must be made during that period. A new book will be ready in three months. The textbook acquisition period for the autumn term is 1 Feb. – 15 April. The textbook acquisition period for the spring term is 1 Aug. – 30 Sep. Read more information about comprehensive school textbooks and suggest a new textbook in Finnish or in Swedish.

Books for higher education

Production time for higher education books is three months. With particularly demanding books, the production time may be longer than this. More information about higher education coursebooks.

Accessible pre-reading materials for entrance exams

Accessible pre-reading materials for entrance exams will not be published until after the higher education institution has published the information on the pre-reading material on its website. Celia does not produce pre-reading materials for entrance examinations if they are available in an accessible format on the day of publication, e.g. from the higher education institution or from the publisher. More information about pre-reading materials for entrance exams.