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Students of higher education institutions can search for the books they need for their studies on the American service Bookshare. Bookshare can also be used by people who need to access professional literature. The service is free to use for Celia audiobook users. Books available through the service are primarily in English.

According to Bookshare’s membership conditions, people who have the following reading impairments can register for the service:

  • dyslexia or learning disabilities,
  • visual impairments,
  • physical disabilities.

Persons who have difficulties reading for other reasons, such as autism, intellectual disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or depressive disorders do not qualify to join Bookshare.

How to start using Bookshare

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with Celia’s preview account, which can be used to find books on the service. Celia’s customer services or you university library can provide you with the login information. Once you have logged in, the search results will display the publications available to Celia customers.
  3. If you find the book you are looking for, then it is available on the service even if you are unable to download or play it with Celia’s account. Log out from Celia’s account and sign up to Bookshare. Please note that, by signing up to Bookshare, you are consenting to your information being sent outside the EU/EAA.
  4. After signing up, ask a representative of a higher education institution or health care service who meets Bookshare’s requirements for a qualified expert to confirm that you have a reading impairment by signing the Proof of Disability form that can be downloaded off your Bookshare account.
  5. Send the signed form to Bookshare or ask your higher education institution to do so. The email address can be found on the form.
  6. Bookshare will notify you via email once your account has been activated. Please contact Celia to arrange payments, send Celia proof of your right to study. If you want using Bookshare after a year, please send a new proof of your right to study to Celia. Proof of your right to study could be a printout of your information on WebOodi or a photograph or photocopy of a student ID that shows what institution you are studying at and which has a current academic year sticker attached.
  7. You can read books with the Bookshare® Web Reader. Other ways of reading, such as listening on a tablet or smartphone, can be found in the Reading tools section.