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Felix has lives in a convent orphanage high in the mountains in Poland, but he is convinced his parents are still alive and will come back to get him. When a group of Nazi soldiers come and burn the nuns' books, Felix is terrified that his Jewish, bookseller parents will also be in danger. After escaping from the orphanage, Felix embarks on a long and dangerous journey through Nazi occupied Poland, befriending a little orphan girl called Zelda and a kindly dentist, Barney, who hides and cares for Jewish children. Part 1/2.

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Book info

Author Gleitzman, Morris.
Reader Thorpe David
Language eng
Duration 4 h 3 min
Publication info Royal National Institute for the Blind.
Physical description talking book Daisy 2.02 (4 h 3 min)
Notifications Felix and Zelda ; 1.
Original publication info Puffin 2006. 9780141320632.
Keywords barn föräldralösa barn judar judeförföljelser judendom juutalaiset juutalaisuus juutalaisvainot lapset natsit nazister nuortenkirjallisuus orvot Polen Puola ungdomslitteratur