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When I was Joe

When I was Joe

Ty's life is in danger as a witness to a stabbing, and he and his mum have to go into police protection. Ty has a new name, a new look and a cool new image - life as Joe is good. But his mum can't cope with her new life, and the gangsters try to flush them from hiding. Joe's cracking under extreme pressure, and then he meets a girl with dark secrets of her own.

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Book info

Author Keren, David.
Reader Pathak, Chetan
Language eng
Duration 8 h 26 min
Publication info Royal National Institute for the Blind.
Physical description talking book Daisy 2.02 (8 h 26 min)
Publication info Frances Lincoln Children's 2010. 9781847801005.
Keywords böcker för unga vuxna jännityskirjallisuus nuorten aikuisten kirjat nuortenkirjallisuus thriller todistajansuojelu ungdomslitteratur vittnesstöd