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A treatise of human nature. Book I

A treatise of human nature. Book I

Hume begins by arguing that the science of man must be pursued by the experimental methods of the natural sciences. Each simple idea is derived from a simple impression, so that all our ideas are ultimately derived from experience: thus Hume accepts concept empiricism and rejects the purely intellectual and innate ideas found in rationalist philosophy.

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Book info

Author Hume, David.
Reader Volunteers

Nidditch, P, H, , editor,

Selby-Bigge, L, A, , editor,

Language eng
Duration 12 h 3 min
Physical description talking book Daisy 2.02 (12 h 3 min)
Original publication info Clarendon Press 1978.
Keywords filosofi kunskapsteori etik filosofia tietoteoria etiikka