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The social contract ; and, Discourses

The social contract ; and, Discourses

Rousseau's works possess a double importance; they give an insight into eighteenth-century thought, and they have had a profound influence on the subsequent development of society. Rousseau was a pioneer of modern educational theory; he is of major importance as a political thinker and a creator of the human philosophy of the state.

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Author Rousseau, Jean-Jacques.
Reader Volunteers
Language eng
Duration 17 h 52 min
Publication info Royal National Institute for the Blind.
Physical description talking book Daisy 2.02 (17 h 52 min)
Publication info Dent 1973.
Keywords samhällsfilosofi jämställdhet statsteorier samhällsteorier samhällsfördrag valtioteoriat yhteiskuntateoriat yhteiskuntasopimus yhteiskuntafilosofia tasa-arvo