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Course books

Acquisition requests can be made by students of Finnish higher education institutions who find it difficult to read printed text due to dyslexia, disability or illness. Celia does not produce books for students completing foreign degrees or parts thereof.

  • Acquisition proposals must be made by online listeners.
  • Coursebooks are produced for online listening, primarily as DaisyTrio text-to-speech books that contain text, charts and pictures in addition to audio. Celia doesn’t produce coursebooks as audiobooks with human voice.
  • Subject to consideration, books can also be produced as accessible Luetus text-to-speech books and e-books.
  • Books take three months to produce.
  • Before submitting an acquisition proposal, please check if the book is already available on Celianet.
  • Please also check if the book is available at your library as an e-book that can be listened to with an aid or application. Whether the book is available in an accessible form elsewhere will influence the production decision.
  • Go to the acquisition proposal form.

Accessible books in Swedish and other languages can also be found at:

What accessible books does Celia produce?

Celia produces accessible course books for students of higher education institutions who have reading impairments and who are studying in Finland, provided those books are not available in a suitable form elsewhere.

Celia does not produce:

  • books that are available in an accessible form somewhere else, such as e-books that can be listened to with various applications and other audio aids.
  • the Suomen Laki law books (the Ministry of Justice’s FINLEX Data Bank can be found online);
  • dictionaries;
  • supplementary reading materials;
  • articles and book excerpts;
  • books that are especially difficult to produce in an accessible form due to, for example, their obscure language or pictures that are difficult to describe.

When necessary, Celia will produce up to the following numbers of accessible books for dissertations and theses:

  • Proseminar: 5 works
  • Laudatur seminar (advanced studies seminar): 8 works
  • Master’s thesis: 8 works
  • Licentiate’s thesis: 10 works
  • Doctoral thesis: 15 works